Recovering From a Big Race

Different Types of Physiotherapy

If you have ever had an injury, then you probably attended physiotherapy sessions as part of your healing process. Physiotherapy is also good for people with disabilities and illnesses. There are several types of physiotherapies provided by qualified physiotherapists. Acupuncture This type of physiotherapy involves insertion of sterile needles into specific parts of a patient’s […]

Shin Splints — Tips on Prevention and Treatment

If you engage in a lot of exercise activities, you may have found yourself suffering from shin splints, also known medically as MTSS (Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome). It is common in runners and footballers, but can also be an issue for anybody engaging in prolonged, excessive activities that place a strain on the lower area […]

Three ways to treat muscular pain

Muscle injuries are surprisingly common; they can be caused by any number of things, but are usually the result of a strenuous workout, physical tension or chronic stress. If after visiting your GP and following their treatment plan, you’re still struggling with this issue, here are a few options which could help to relieve your […]