There's the Rub: Why You Should See a Physiotherapist Now

Posted on: 24 July 2017

Especially as modern life places more and more demand on your time, it can be easy to minimise pain and discomfort, trying to 'put up and shut up' as you go about your daily life.  Whether your injury has come about from stress, overuse or a simple accident, it can be a serious drain on your energy and motivation trying to push through it.  Yet many people continue to do so, hoping that it will improve in its own time.  While it may save you time to keep your fingers crossed like this, it probably isn't going to work out well for you in the long run.  As such, here are three good reasons why you should stop ignoring your injury and book an appointment with a physio — ASAP!

Prevent Long-Lasting Damage

If injuries are left to heal on their own, they can often turn into more long-term problems — or force you to adjust your posture or stride in a way that will be extremely difficult to correct.  Having the problem addressed as quickly as possible ensures that you can heal it up right  and heal it up right the first time.  Just like any other area of your life, it's much easier to nip these problems in the bud than it is to bring them back under control once they've spiralled.

Ease Pain

In the short-term, physiotherapy may be uncomfortable, but you are likely to find it soothing and relaxing in the long-term.  Portions are much like getting a deep tissue massage.  While the physical application of that massage may be a little painful, it will ease your pain for a good while after.  You should think of physiotherapy as exactly the same thing.  If it is uncomfortable — and it may not be — then it's in service of making you feel a whole lot better.  And it will work.

Learn Coping Mechanisms

Much of the time, the work a physiotherapist does on you can be replicated at home.  The physio's expertise is vital in diagnosing the problem and developing a plan to address it, but once you've got that strategy down, you'll be able to replicate some of the exercises between sessions if you need a little top-up to ease your daily discomfort.  That's the kind of investment that's great for both your body and your wallet.

In short, it's the kind of visit you may want to put off, but you absolutely shouldn't.  Force yourself to deal with the problem now before it gets any worse, and hopefully you'll be rid of the problem before you know it.